We are a family owned farm market here to provide quality home grown produce to our customers.

Schacht Farm Market

Spring Products
Mushroom Compost
Squirrel Corn
Schacht Farm Market
Fall Products
Pumpkins, picked & U pick  
Apples & Cider
U Pick Greens
U Pick Beans & Peas
Fall Decorations
Mushroom Compost
Indian Corn

limited, only what is needed and when needed

resources which are essential for healthy soil, plants, and food

environmentally friendly, economically viable, and fiscally responsible

to science of producing food and fiber for the use of mankind
lisa in the field
Welcome to Schacht Farm Market
David and Lisa have farmed this land for over 38 years.
In that time they have built a truly sustainable operation through diligence and hard work. They have produced tons of local food and have provided it directly to customers like you.

David has implemented growing practices LISA’s way.

LOW INPUT SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE is a method of growing crops and livestock that protects the environment and produces high quality fruits and vegetables.  Even the grain crops are part of this ecology for the farm.

LOW INPUT means that the entire farm is mapped for it nutrient levels.  This is so to plant crops where they will grow the best.  Also it helps to manage what is needed for each crop so not to use excess and therefore prevents being wasteful. This is also relate to maintaining the growing crop so it is the healthiest possible and producing the highest quality fruit/vegetable.  Crops are scouted constantly for symptoms of stress or infection.  If water or treatments are necessary, they are limited to just what is needed.  Treatments are only used as prescribed and as regulated.  Treatments may be organic or commercial products.  Licensing required by the Ohio Dept of Agriculture is current and annually inspected.

SUSTAINABLE means the Schachts have managed the resources of the soil, water and produce efficiently so to be both ecologically responsible and fiscally viable for this generation and the next.  The products are harvested in optimum condition and handled according to accepted food safety practices. 

AGRICULTURE is a science to which the Schachts have devoted their careers and lifestyle.  They have employed nearly 750 youth and adults.  They have donated tons of vegetables to local food banks.  They have maintained the farm through 2 major recessions therefore preserving open space for the enjoyment of the community.   David and Lisa are available to answer questions.  Let the staff know you wish to speak with them.
About the Farm

Schacht Farm Market was established by the fifth generation of the Schacht family. We began selling produce to the local community in 1981 with only 11 acres and three types of vegetables. Since then, we have provided quality fruits and vegetables to our customers.

Over thirty years we grew the farm to 60 acres and 15+ home grown products being sold to the public.  Schacht Farm Market also provides other locally grown produce to our customers and the “Pick Your Own” experience with selected produce.

Our Family Farm
green bean field
family pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch
u-pick sign in field
potatoes in patch
customers at counter
pumpkins for sale, front of store front
kids sorting strawberries
Lisa at counter with apples
straw for sale
mushroom compost
sunflower field
pumpkin flag on store front
U-pick sign next to corn field
rows of pumpkins on display
barrel of specialty pumpkins
table of pumpkins for sale
entrance in farm market, corn on display
barrel of white pumpkins for sale
farm market side view of pumpkins and corn stalks
farm cat curled up to pumpkins
farm market, customers at entrance
farm market, string green beans on display
barrel of pumpkins on display
rows of pumpkins, kids signage
pumpkin display, straw
farm market, covered pumpkin display
farm market apples on display
white pumpkin in barrel